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Sunday, March 18
Chat wrap: Vincent Damphousse

Damphousse, in addition to his talents on the ice, has a hole-in-one to his credit (7th hole, Silver Creek Golf Club).
Welcome to's moderated chat room. As part of the March 18th NHL RULES! broadcast of the Detroit Red Wings-San Jose Sharks game, injured San Jose Sharks center Vincent Damphousse hit the chat room to take some of your questions.

Damphousee had 9 goals and 37 assists when he went down in mid-January with a dislocated shoulder. It happened in a 3-2 loss to the Detroit Red Wings when he fell awkwardly in a collision with Detroit's Tomas Holmstrom. He returned to skate one shift but did not play again.

The Montreal, Quebec native and 16-year NHL veteran hopes to see action again for the Sharks in the playoffs.

AvalancheFan from [], at 10:17pm ET
They've already increased the interference calls this season, and there's talk of more rule changes/enforcements. Do you have any opinions on what they should focus on? (Eliminating red line, mandatory visors, etc. for example)

Vincent Damphousse at 10:21pm ET
Holding and interference has always been a problem in the league. Cutting down on that could improve the speed of the game. There are a lot of things in the rule book that have been let go. Slashing is another that thing that needs to have more attention paid to it.

Bromo from [], at 10:23pm ET
Have you ever played golf with Owen Nolan?
Who, in your opinion is the best golfer on the Sharks?
Besides you, of course.

Vincent Damphousse at 10:25pm ET
Yes. We have a tournament we play in every year and I got to play with him once. I think Teemu Selanne is going to give me a run for it when it comes to best golfer on the team. There are a lot of good golfers on our club but most guys don't play as much as I do.

Chris from Cali from [], at 10:27pm ET
I was curious what Teemu's presence has been in the clubhouse, although I hear he's kind of a quiet-keep to himself kinda guy.

Vincent Damphousse at 10:30pm ET
It's hard to be anything other than that when it is your first week on a new team. You don't want to be a rah-rah kind of guy, you just want to be quite and learn. He's a fun guy though and he always has a smile on his face. He is what everyone expected he would be. He is a great person off the ice and a great player on the ice.

Alan Kong from [], at 10:31pm ET
Did you skate with Teemu and did you guys get a good feel for each other and develop any chemistry?

Vincent Damphousse at 10:35pm ET
We skated together when he was hurt, the two of us and the second goaltender who wasn't playing that night. We just passed the puck back and forth. I think the chemistry will be easy to find. I am a passer and he is a shooter. When you have that combination it is easy to complement each other. I think our line will be a little of everything, speed, toughness with Owen, passing with myself. We have everything we need to be successful.

Dave from [], at 10:36pm ET
The Sharks for years have had the most trouble scoring goals. When healthy, do you think your line with Teemu and Owen is the best San Jose has ever had? And once that line develops, do you expect a certain amount of production from your line on a game to game basis?

Vincent Damphousse at 10:39pm ET
I think it will be the best. I mean no one has more goals than Teemu since he came in the league, Owen has also put up such great numbers. We will be so talented it will be a very tough line.

Jerry from PA from [], at 10:41pm ET
Is there a big difference between playing for a team with a ton of history (Montreal) and one that only has ten years in the league (San Jose)?

Vincent Damphousse at 10:46pm ET
I have really good memories of my time in Canada, and Toronto. I'm sure Toronto didn't want to let me go but they had to give me up to get Grant Fuhr at the time. Toronto was a great hockey city and a great town. But as a hockey player you have to move on and adjust. It was not hard to adjust to San Jose. This is my 15th year in the NHL, so being in a building that is always full is great. The only difference is when I'm out around town I don't get recognized, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Vincent Damphousse at 10:47pm ET
The weather isn't too bad either!

Damphousse Rules from [], at 10:49pm ET
wheres the best spot to aim for? top shelf? five hole?

Vincent Damphousse at 10:51pm ET
Most people don't realize this but goals are generally scored on the ice. Most goalies aren't great at covering the ice. Top shelf is the prettiest but also the most difficult.

David Kloc from [], at 10:53pm ET
What is the hardest part of being injured besides the injury?

Vincent Damphousse at 10:55pm ET
Sitting here and watching the game. You want to be out there. I focus on getting myself ready to play but it is more difficult mentally to be injured than it is to be playing.

Rick from [], at 10:56pm ET
When do you expect to be back and it looks like you'll rack up some assists with Owen Nolan and Teemu Selanne playing wing for ya? Another question how excited were you when you found out the team made the deal for Selanne.

Vincent Damphousse at 10:58pm ET
I was excited to hear about the trade. I am an older player, I'm not a young guy. I want to win right now, not years from now. Teemu was the best player in the trade and one of the best players in the league. Being successful is our goal and we can do that with him on our team.

Markus from [], at 11:01pm ET
If (according to Selanne) Suter can play with only one leg, can't you play with only one arm? The Sharks need help.

Vincent Damphousse at 11:01pm ET
He was joking!!!

Aaron from [], at 11:03pm ET
What is your timetable on a return Vinny?

Vincent Damphousse at 11:06pm ET
I've always said the second round of the playoffs and I'm sticking with that. My progress has been good. I'm working a lot on my strength. I'm at the two month mark now. My shoulder is still sore but nothing has gone wrong these past two months so I've been working with weights a lot lately.

Thanks for all the questions. I've gotta run. Thanks for your interest in the Sharks.

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